Beyond the Gates of Heaven

  1. Stairway To Heaven
  2. Farewell To Music
  3. Syrinx
  4. Secret Wedding
  5. May It Be
  6. Flamenco Real
  7. Gabriel's Oboe
  8. Air on a G String
  9. The Old Castle
Much has been said and done over the years in salutation to the Gates of Heaven. But what kinds of wonders are beyond those gates? Journeying beyond the gates is the next, perhaps last, great adventure. The realization and manifestation of the golden gifts that come with sublimation.

In this offering, the flagship project of The Royal Kona Harp Ensemble, they push open the gates of possibility with the sonic environs of three harps, woodwinds, drum and voice. From the simple but poignant melodic poetry of "Ramble To Cashel" to the soaring majesty of modern classics like "May It Be", The Royal Kona Harp Ensemble has gathered an amazing array of instruments and a unique way of arranging and writing for them.

"Beyond The Gates of Heaven" has not only put The Royal Kona Harp Ensemble on the musical map, but offers an intensely large yet personal connection to the musical homeland beyond the gates, the clouds, and to the stars.