Heaven's Realm

  1. Cannon in D
  2. Ramble to Cashel
  3. Queen's Moor
  4. Sakura
  5. E Ku'ulei
  6. Lord Irwin
  7. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
  8. The Butterfly
  9. The Minstrel Boy
  10. Carol of the Bells
  11. Spring
The harp has long been associated with the realm of heaven. It’s natural tonal ability, the way it is held close to the body (and the soul) and the long history of using stringed sound to affect matter and transform the spirit, has carved a place in eternity for the harp as the companion of Angels.

The Royal Kona Harp Ensemble introduces this collection of Music of The Spheres in “Heavenly Realm”. With arrangements of ancient and modern songs particularly orchestrated for the unique ensemble of three harps and woodwinds, the players have opened the doors of the heart and mind in new and profound ways. Heaven is the symbol of the highest ascension and attainment, and the Hawaiian home of the Ensemble is a fitting setting for the musical exploration of The Ethers.

“Heaven’s Realm” is a heady collection of music for those seeking an entryway into the highest levels of our loving consciousness. The sounds of earth, air, fire and water combine to become the Fifth Element – The Ether – sum and overseer of all, and the stuff of dreams.